The Early Days

August 30th, 2006

When your my age, people give you money for Christmas because they think you already have everything. In 1999, I took some of the money to buy a new computer game. I found a good looking package in the game section at CompUSA. I knew nothing about and brought it home. When I opened the package I found you needed a phone connection to play the game, it was not in fact a standalone game. Well, I waited until February to actually try it out. It took forever to load the game, make the connection and sign on. Then you had to create a character. I picked a druid, I named him Ofthenight (seemed appropriate at the time as I was an insomniac) as that sounded like a very versatile class.

The pupose of the game was to group with other and kill computer generated bad guys, usually in the form of some animal. I got an invitation from a Dreygus, another night elf druid to group together.  (Maybe I have some early screen shots saved somewhere I can post). He taught me the machanics of the game and how to protect each other. We soon met up with a Gryphonhart, which I later found out was his roommate. We became regulars, signing into the game around the same time and “hunting”together. Our group soon grew adding Constanza, Zearn and sometimes Harry.
It wasnt until we reached the 12th level and we joined a guild, The Knights of Lore. (A guild is a band of people that have a common purpose in the game). You get to know these people very well communicating simply with the keyboard. It was in the guild, I met and became friends with several people from all over the US and the world. I soon met Lezaia and Geodorny at Paw as well as few others. There was always someone on to play with with and to chat. The guild was fun and friendly! We had a great time.

The game itself sucks you in. Those that I named above, like me, played all the time. Nearly every waking hour. It got so bad, my son named the game “Evercrack”. LOL. I’d sleep only for a couple of hours and night so that I could get maximim time in.  We increased our “powers” by leveling up.  The object for this motly band was to level as fast as possible We worked our digital butts off trying to get new spells and abilities!

Thus my addiction began.

So What’s This Site All About?

July 18th, 2006

I recently started blogging about some concerns I have about what’s happening in the world and I found that I just have to keep writing. This is my third blog and it won’t be my last last. There are so many topics that roll around in my aging gray matter. What a way to express one’s self!

Most people think of online gamers as teens with little to do. Well, I’m here to tell you there is a huge community of adults that would rather sign on and interact with friends than lay around, eating snacks and watching the dribble on TV. I’ll take you on the journey of the life within the wires, chips and circuits of on line gaming. I hope you find it as interesting as I do. Feel free to leave your comments here, I’d love to hear from you.